Somerfield Pirate Playground

Somerfield Pirate Playground

The Somerfield pirate playground was designed for kids by Tract Landscape Architect Nigel Parker.

The brief called for a stimulating play space appropriate for children between the ages of 4–10 years. A desire by the client for a readily accessible theme lead to the evolution of a pirate’s lair.

Client and Council’s willingness to create a unique playground allowed for the full exploration of the theme and resulted in a unique custom built, whimsical and interactive adventure space providing delight for children and adults alike.

Tract’s Media team created this 3D render to showcase the landscape concept, which was then photographed upon completion.

To read more about Tract’s landscape work on the Pirate Playground in Somerfield, please click here.

Robyn Meyer

3D Still Renders and Animations

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