Michael Cowled
Media Principal

Michael likes to get creative across a range of media.

If you need an engaging video presentation that combines photography, animation, audio and graphic design with experience and flair then look no further.

Dez Stallard
Media Principal

Dez is a passionate graphic designer who considers design as an opportunity to tell a story.

He loves this technologically connected world and is our Social Media expert, despite not joining Facebook until after his parents had.

Peter Crick
Principal, Architecture + Urban Design + Graphic Communication

With over 20 years of architectural design experience, visualising building form and massing, Peter believes that a picture is worth a thousand words.

He has adopted and successfully developed graphic communication in its simplest form for speed and clarity of idea, easily understood by all.

Imagery and ideas are crafted by hand although sometimes quicker than the eye, informing the client and formalising the vision.

Matthew Lee
Graphic Designer

Matt is a rock star, online gamer and graphic designer. Matt likes to apply his creativity across whatever medium is necessary to get the job done right.

He enjoys producing marketing material and finished illustrations for a range of uses and projects.

Tyler Maisano
Graphic Designer

Tyler is a talented designer, who loves being involved across a range of graphic and web projects from start to finish.

A whizz at website and user interface design, brand identity and email marketing campaigns, Tyler’s work is at the apex of form, function and style.

Aaron Sims
ICT Systems Administrator

If you have a challenging website project, Aaron is your guy. He has an eye for detail and loves getting his hands dirty with code.

Aaron is an expert at finding solutions and once joked about connecting his bike up to the servers to keep us running in the event of a blackout.

Robyn Oliver
Photographer & Landscape Architecture

Robyn first picked up a film camera at the age of 14 and has developed (pun intended) into a talented and passionate photographer. As a landscape architect, Robyn not only designs the projects, but she is ideally qualified capture the projects upon their completion.

In recent times, new techniques and programs such as HDR and Photoshop ensure that the final images are always spectacular.

Ben Lamason
3D Visualiser

Ben has always regarded 3D as a powerful tool for the expression of design. His work as a landscape architect mixes digital and physical modelling techniques to create forms and space that are anything but ordinary.