Safe Harbour, Geelong

Safe Harbour, Geelong

Tract team was engaged by Terroir Architects and the Royal Geelong Yacht Club to help shape the vision for Geelong’s waterfront.

The Royal Geelong Yacht Club’s redevelopment provided a unique opportunity to reconnect the Geelong community with this area of the waterfront, and bridge the two existing public promenades on either side of the development through an elevated walkway.

The concept incorporates new Terroir designed buildings for the  Royal Geelong Yacht Club and Victorian Sailing School, wave attenuation barrier, re-configuration of the Marina and Main Arm, upgrades to Eastern Beach Road, upgrades to Fishermen’s Basin, public realm improvements to Yarra Street Pier, a reclaimed hardstand area for additional Vessel Storage, a multi-purpose marine loading structure and removal of Stoney Pier.

Tract’s Media team produced this 3D visualisation to communicate the design concept to the local community and key stakeholders.

Michael Cowled
Tejal Patel
Simon Zhao
Munish Lamba

Video Production