The Wangaratta Project

The Wangaratta Project

Tract Urban Design is currently engaged by the Rural City of Wangaratta, in partnership with Hello City and Local Logic Place to undertake a masterplan for the Wangaratta Central Business District – The Wangaratta Project.

The Wangaratta Project has been conveyed in a highly visual, storytelling way to reach the wider community.

The CBD masterplan is underpinned by a comprehensive community engagement program. The Wangaratta Project is focused on engaging with people to uncover experiences, stories and ideas, revealing Wangaratta through local eyes.

Tract Media was tasked with creating online presence accompanied by flythrough animations produced from drone footage and an interactive map of the projects key big ideas designed to engage the local audience with easy navigation and a colourful aesthetic. This all form part of the projects strong branding and innovative design package that conveys the design outcomes of the Wangaratta Project in the CBD masterplan.

Michael Cowled
Tyler Maisano

Graphic Design
Video Production